Motorist Alert Safety System.

The inception of the Motorist Alert Safety System came as the solution to the problem of communication with the motoring public.  There is no way for a motorist to differentiate between an officer that has just cleared a traffic stop and an officer that is running “rear guard” for a crash or other traffic incident.

M.A.S.S. was designed to give law enforcement the ability to communicate with the motoring public about dangers or incidents ahead on the highways and roadways that we work.  The sign can be deployed to the ferrous surface of any vehicle and instantly communicate any message desirable to the public to include: CRASH AHEAD, ROAD CLOSED, MERGE LEFT/RIGHT, LANE CLOSED, SLOW DOWN etc.

                The Motorist Alert Safety System is a cost effective, compact, easily deployable solution for temporary to moderate length highway traffic management.  MASS is as compact as a set of tire deflation devises that rolls out to cover the rear or side of a patrol car with a bright, clearly legible warning, or command for motorist.

                M.A.S.S. uses retro-reflective technology to provide maximum reflection at the source of the light.  What this means is that an approaching vehicle’s headlights will illuminate the sign however an officer standing to the side of the sign will not be affected by the illumination.

                M.A.S.S. is deployable in any weather condition and is equipped with an elastic clasp on the bottom of the sign that attaches under the rear bumper of a vehicle.  M.A.S.S. is also outfitted with dual retention lanyards on both sides of the top of the sign designed to be closed in the trunk, lift gate or tail gate of the deploying vehicle to eliminate the possibility of separation from the vehicle during high winds or medical helicopter landing.

                1050 Technologies is the parent company of the Motorist Alert Safety System and is a partnership of 4 current, full-time police officers.   M.A.S.S. is designed by law enforcement for law enforcement with the distinct goal of keeping our fellow officers and the motoring public safer.

At the inception of M.A.S.S. the product was designed solely around deployment on high traffic roadways however use within cities and lower speed roadway immediately proved to be just as effective during road closures, Incident Command Situations, Floods, Fires, Power Lines Down and Events.

The M.A.S.S. is a completely customizable solution for all of your traffic safety and crowd control needs.  1050 Technologies allows the signs to be tested during a two-month T & E Period.

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